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Miele is a family owned German appliance manufacturer that celebrated its 100th y ear in business in 1999. Miele has been manufacturing vacuums since 1927 and has a earned a reputation for building powerful, durable, high filtration, easy to use vacuums.

Miele is one of the few vacuum manufacturers in the world that manufactures virtually every component that goes into their vacuums, so they can insure the quality of their products.

Miele’s sealed system, intensive clean dust/filter bags, and high quality filter cartridges, have earned them the “excellent air quality” certification from the dmt air quality testing institute. Miele vacuums effectively pick up and more importantly, retain dust and other indoor air pollutants that leak out of most other vacuums.

Miele is an environmentally responsible company and designs its vacuums to last an average of 20 years in residential use so that they don’t unnecessarily occupy space in land fills like disposable vacuums found in most big box stores.

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