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About IQ Aire

In 1963, Manfred and his brother Klaus introduce a simple filter system for residential users in Germany. Their simple system consists of a filter pad that attaches with small magnets to the air outlet of residential coal ovens. As cold air rises through the oven and heats up it passes through the filter where the dust gets trapped. It is the first air purifier to find its way into household usage. The product is initially sold on the premise that it helps to reduce the black dust build-up on the walls behind ovens. Soon though, Manfred a lifelong asthma sufferer notices that the filter reduces his flare-ups during the winter months. Over time numerous users report that the filter appears to relieve their allergy and asthma symptoms.

Today, IQAir's founder, Klaus Hammes, has retired but remains an adviser to the family company that is lead by his two sons, Frank and Jens. Frank splits his time between the Swiss factory where he oversees IQAir's research & development and California, where he coordinates IQAir's marketing with the IQAir North America office. Jens Hammes, continues to lead IQAir's sales effort in Europe and Asia.